Why MindShore?

Why MindShore?

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We make your life easier

By providing suitable solutions and efficient talent pools to join your team and projects, adapting the best methodologies to reach the goals required

Reducing complexity through proven, high-performance, easy-to-use initiatives.

With innovative, tailor-made, reliable and fast solutions, continuously generated from our centres of excellence and our internal Innovation and Development team.

With agility in response times and the fastest implementation: you have a strategic partner that offers you efficient solutions from the first minute.

Without increasing your workload in personnel management: we take care of your practical and human needs.

Because we are agnostic, we give you impartial advice to optimise your investments, recommending the technologies best suited to the challenges you face.

Our scalable approach and global management model allow us to create teams tailored to your needs, at very competitive costs and with a high return on investment.

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With expert and suitable resources

Because we manage talent just for the IT sector, you can rest assured that we understand your problems, constraints and needs. Or can get to grips with them very quickly.

Remote Outsourcing, Nearshoring, and Time & Material solutions in Software Development, Data, and SAP.

Suitable specialist professionals at any stage of development, both for one-off and ongoing support.

Relying on the best Back, Front, Full-stack, QA, and Team Management talents, experts in cutting-edge technologies for high-commitment projects.

With Agile methodologies and Scrum-certified teams, ensuring the use of best practices and standards in development.

World-class technological talent quality, thanks to the high level of education offered in the territories where we operate.

Bilingual IT specialists are available for international projects.

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Committed and reliable

At MindShore we are as committed to our experts’ needs as we are to yours. And we go out of our way to ensure well-being, respectful treatment, and positive development for all parties. Thus, you benefit from:

Our employees remain involved until the assignment is successfully completed.

Minimal risk of abandonment or lack of suitability for the project.

Reducing talent turnover in your teams.

With quality and safety certifications that guarantee efficient and robust management.

Flexible and agile approach that allows us to enjoy solid and lasting relationships with all our collaborators, clients, and partners.

We focus not only on your business, but also on your deepest values: that’s why we ensure we follow the highest ethical standards and practice a zero-tolerance policy for non-compliance and defects.

Code of Ethics